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Facilities at our Service Centre
Engineering Station

One of the three dedicated, fully equipped Engineering stations. All equipped to Level 1 Anti Static handling standards with computer aided diagnostics and reference libraries. Special tools are required for each task. Each has its own Soldering Station including Hot Air guns for SMD rework.

Liquid Ingress Station

A dedicated station equipped with Ultra Sonic cleaning tanks and a heated drying cabinet provides the perfect environment for dealing with all cases of Liquid Ingress.

Micro Examination Station

Powerful PC based Microscopes allow us to examine any circuit board in minute detail. Images are captured and used in fault diagnosis and Insurance Reports.

Recycle Station

All incoming phones for recycling are dealth with here. They are sorted into specific categories for further processing. Some are broken down into their component parts for shipment to UK Recycling Centres whilst others are sent for re engineering to be sold as working units both here and in developing countries where they provide a communication lifeline. Nothing is wasted!

Spares Stock

We carry a vast array of spares enabling us to fix virtually any device immediately; no waiting for days or weeks for a new screen!
We have replacement screens for over 250 different models and over 1,200 actual screens in stock at any time. We also carry, as stock, all the small parts required for all popular phones such as Loudspeakers, Microphones, Connectors, Cables, Buttons and Switches - we have over 7,000 small parts in stock!

We have repaired over 37,000 units at our Service Center to date!