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We BUY Phones, virtually any phone in any condition, even broken or smashed....

We pay CASH* and guarantee to pay more than Mazuma.

* Some conditions apply
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We have a large selection of Pre Loved Apple and Android phones and tablets available immediately.

Competitively priced against Amazon with a 3 Month Warranty*.

Checkout our range & prices ...

* Some conditions apply
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We repair virtually all makes and models with original or the highest quality parts available.

We offer multiple screen options on all Apple iPhones along with 4 service time options to suit your budget and usage requirements.

Our commitment to service and quality was recognised by Apple who appointed us Sole Apple Independent Repair Providers for the Islands.

We have been repairing phones for for over ten years now and have over 43,000 repairs in our logs!


Repairs Completed



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We recycle any phone FREE

Recycling is very important to us.

Phones contain a lot of rare earth metals and toxic materials which must be properly treated.

In 2022 we sent over 4,000 phones to the UK for recycling. 
Some are re worked here and sold on, some will be reused in developing countries the others, stripped to component parts for further recycling.

In 2022 we sent over 2,150 batteries for recycling.

Combined that's enough Lithium to pollute the entire Queens Valley Reservoir beyond human consumption!

Got a new phone and don't know how to use it ?

We can help with our new
1 to 1 training service
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New Service
Phone Setup & Training

Service includes:-
  • Data migration between makes
  • Data & photo transfer 
  • Account setup
  • App setup &training
  • Social media setup
  • Data recovery
  • Frozen & locked screen recovery 
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New Service

Conversations / music low or feint?

The microphone & speaker ports are covered with a very fine mesh which easily gets clogged up. 

Phone getting difficult to plug in to charge?

"Fluff" and other debris from your pocket or bag gets stuck in the charger port, getting compacted more every time you plug it in eventually blocking the port. 

Cleaning Service
We use a combination of specialised tools and cleaning fluids to clean all ports solving all these problems.

£14.95 for 5 Day service
£24.95 for 24 hour service
£34.95 for 1 to 2 hour service


Some companies will tell you that you need a new charger port or speaker array costing £80 to £120.

98% of the time a professional clean will solve it.

Ps. Don't try this yourself. Needles and bleach can cause serious damage to your phone: we've seen it many times!

Data Transfer & Training


Advanced booking is not required


Alexandra Inacio

I've been a client for many years. They've always done a wonderful job...

Harry Strong

Quality Customer Service every time. Would recommend them to everyone ...

Mrs B. St Aubin

Great service in these difficult times. They go the extra mile ....

Roy D. St Helier

Top Customer Service.

Many thanks

Mr D. St John

Frank. St Aubin

Sold them my iPhone XS Max. Got £38  more than Mazuma were offering the same day! No hassle. Easy! 

Julie. Trinity

Fantastic service   & great selection of accessories and cases.

Mark. St Helier

Excellent 1:1 training. Would have paid a lot more for this service!

Just been given a FREE bottle of chilled water : didn't even buy anything!

Great attitude

(During Summer heatwave)

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