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Currently OPEN

8am to 6pm

How long could you survive without your Phone?

We rely on our phones/tablets for a lot of things in our normal day to day lives, but now we rely on them even. Whether it be for communicating with our family and friends, keeping up with the news or even for watching films or playing games.

We will remain open as long as we are allowed to but we have taken unique, special measures to protect our team and you.

We have installed a Perspex screen in place of our Front Door as a physical barrier to infection. An advanced  two way communication system makes conversation easy and safe.

Every incoming unit is immediately sterilised using heat and UV-C light; both proven to destroy viruses.

Once repaired they are sterilised again and placed in a hygienically sealed bag ready for your collection.


We have invested heavily in medical grade equipment and training to ensure safe handling of your phone/tablet in these trying an uncertain times.

We have taken these measures to protect our team and you.

Please call us on 738554 or see our Facebook page for the latest info